Back Pain after Pregnancy & Delivery

Gaining weight is required during pregnancy. In some cases weight gain exceeds resulting in mothers becoming overweight, this may keep on increasing after delivery, Excess of weight puts pressure on the lower back area, resulting in low back ache.


1. Proper rest and care
Women should take proper rest after child birth, care should be given in the form of help or
2. Oil massages which help to strengthen the muscles and reduce body pains.

Ayurvedic Oil massages will also help to normalize the
1. Sleep cycle thus
2. Reducing stress.

Weight loss

1. Take care of your diet and eat healthy. This will help to prevent the unhealthy weight gain.
2. Exercises are not advised during the initial days of post partum period during this time 3. Ayurvedic oils and therapies(teained therapists) can help  reduce the excess weight.



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