Delivery & Pregnancy Healing

C section or Episiotomy (Birth Canal, Natural Delivery) - 

1.Uneven expansion of skin
2. Texture and tone
3. An Oil therapy with Murivenna can promote a lot of fast healing. 

As wounds heal, it is a natural tendency to have itching.
5. Stretch marks - Soothika oils for mother called “Nalpamaradi” reduces early wrinkles. So naturally without chemicals and artificial methods. 

Skin Detox -

1. Dust allergy,
2. rashes,
3. dryness - “Eladi” .

Continuous usage of eladi for weeks can be a long time solution. Cosmetic Products when stopped immediately takes you back to square one. 

“Murivenna” - heals both externally and internally. 

Pimples - Major concerns related to these can be beautifully and naturally treated with “Eladi Choornam” When applying the Lebana, The thickness is supposed to be thick. (in ayurveda we say it should be as thick as a buffalo skin) 

Diet -
Chicken and eggs are a heat producing food. Skin conditions such as these can aggravate

Virudhahara - Wrong combinations of food and timing. 

Drink -
1. A tablespoon of cow’s ghee 2 hours after food, before sleep at night!

Watch your skin magically turn soft and hydrated.



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