Post Partum Depression - Causes and Symptoms

After the ardent wait for 9months, delivery brings the most unnerving experience in a woman's life. From the moment of holding your baby for the first time, a subconscious phase of preparation of a unique life starts.

After the ardent wait for 9months, delivery brings the most unnerving experience in a woman's life. From the moment of holding your baby for the first time, a subconscious phase of preparation of a unique life starts.

It also involves a lot of

  • Psychological
  • Emotional and
  • Physical trauma
Which comes in the magical garb of motherhood  and hence not often discussed by the women who are ready to brave any ordeals to beget a child Even the folklore songs--of the yore decries the situation of a childless home In today's society, where both spouses give importance to their career, a newly delivered mom wish to get back on their feet, professionally as well as personally, as soon as possible. But the challenge here is the physical, emotional as well as psychological trauma after delivery

Let's try to unfold it.

The amount of pain can go up to 57 del units in delivery, where the max pain a human body can tolerate is believed to be 45 del units!!
C-sections will create very evident stitches on the abdomen, which takes weeks to heal. 
In normal deliveries, a surgical incision called episiotomy will be done in the posterior walls of vagina, which will take at least 7 or more days to heal. Sadly, except the women itself and doctors, no one is aware about this- even the spouses.

Being the primary caregiver, moms will have to
  • Breastfeed the baby on an hourly basis
  • Clean the baby's urine/stool very often
  • Pacify the cries painstakingly
  • Awake throughout the night on the onset of common infantile infections like cold, fever, loose motion, etc.
All these demand abrupt and wrong postures, which can cause lower back pain.

Emotionally and psychologically
New mothers will have severe anxiety- almost to a paranoid level- about their babies. This can result in
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Lack of rest
  • As well as inappropriate nutrition.
There is pressure from society to be happy after delivery. Because of this, feeling tired, or unhappy due to the challenges in the postpartum period can give a feeling of guilt to the new mothers. This will be more when there is no support in the form of home nurses and family members.
All these physical, emotional, as well as psychological challenges, will put today's newly delivered women in a very confused, unsettled as well as maddening state, known as Postpartum depression.
The various causes behind this mental state can be listed as,
Continuous pain. Because of the need to breastfeed, painkillers should be avoided during postpartum. Here, the mother and family 'must know the existing ayurvedic (non-invasive non-oral) remedies for postpartum pain <make the one in quotes, bold>
Anxiety due to thoughts like "Will I be the right mother for my child", "Am I doing this right?", etc.
Hectic schedules of spouse and their absence.
Physical stress and lack of rest. This will be overwhelming when there is no proper help along with the need to get back to a normal life or work.
Mothers who have a history of depression or anxiety are at more risk of developing postpartum depression.
Its unquestionable that motherhood has a euphoric effect. So, feeling down and worn down are common and can even be absent in many women. But if this persists for more than two weeks, it should be considered as alarming.

  1. General symptoms of postpartum depression can be listed as
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Constant feeling of sadness.
  4. Sleep disturbances.
  5. Mood swings.
  6. Suicidal thoughts.
  7. Feeling of worthlessness.
  8. Irritability.
  9. Short temper.
  10. Loss of memory and low energy levels.

But above all, acceptance is the most important factor in managing postpartum depression. The women itself or her loved ones have to identify that there exists a psychological problem like this. Post delivery care like ayurvedic post pregnancy massage will be a great help in such situations.
This proves opting traditional post-delivery care or prasvaraksha along with the help from professionally trained therapists can make the recovery faster and equip the new generation mothers to get back to their work and normal routine, soon.




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