Low back ache

Low back ache is a common complaint in pregnancy and post delivery period. Low back ache ache can appear at any time during pregnancy, mostly it starts appearing when the baby starts growing in size during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Few of the causes 1. Overweight mothers : Being overweight can be a reason for low back ache from the onset of pregnancy.

2. Wrong posture or position : Wrong posture while sitting and standing for long hours, bending over , and exertion can cause and aggravate already existing low back ache. 3. Growing baby : Your body has to support the growing baby and excess weight putting more pressure on the lower back area.

4. Mothers with a history of low back ache : Women who experienced low back ache before conceiving are at greater risk of developing low back ache during pregnancy. Low back ache during pregnancy can be cured and controlled by

1. Right Posture : Use a small pillow or support your back with a cushion when sitting for long hours. Maintain the right posture while walking.

2. Weight management : Don’t eat for two , eat what is healthy and required for your healthy pregnancy and baby growth.

3. Ayurvedic oil applications : Ayurvedic oils help to reduce and prevent low back aches by acting deep into your tissues and curing the pain areas without any harmful effect on your growing baby. Herbal ingredients like flannel weed, Himalayan cedar, winter cherry etc helps to cure the body aches . Low back ache PostPartum Low back ache after delivery is mainly due to the hormonal changes in your body and the stresses of new motherhood and baby care which leaves with little to no rest.

1. Hormonal reasons : Progestrone and relaxin hormones relaxes the ligaments and joints of your body and pelvic area which helps during child birth. This can cause a low back ache after delivery as it takes time for the hormone levels to normalize.

2. Stress : During child birth a women’s body experiences a lot of pain and blood loss, She needs time to recover and regain her strength After labor, Child care right after delivery puts a lot of stress physically and psychologically resulting in low back ache.

3. Sleeplessness : Lack of proper sleep and rest can put excess pressure on the low back area resulting in low back ache after delivery.

4. Overweight : Gaining weight is required during pregnancy. In some cases weight gain exceeds resulting in mothers becoming overweight, this may keep on increasing after delivery, Excess of weight puts pressure on the lower back area, resulting in low back ache. Solutions

1. Proper rest and care : Women should take proper rest after child birth, care should be given in the form of help or oil massages which help to strengthen the muscles and reduce body pains. Ayurvedic oil massages will also help to normalize the sleep cycle and reduce stress.

2. Weight loss : Take care of your diet and eat healthy. This will help to prevent the unhealthy weight gain. Exercises are not advised during the initial days of post partum period during this time ayurvedic oils and therapies can help to strengthen your body from within and reduce the excess weight.




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